DHT22Gen3_RK library and nrf_gpio?

I’m trying to use the DHT22Gen3_RK library. I made a new project using workbench, and the compiler informed that there is no such file or directory, highlighting these two lines:

#include “nrf_gpio.h”
#include “nrfx_i2s.h”

It’s true, there isn’t – is there some other library I need to be using with this? A casual perusal of the documentation didn’t mention anything.

Thanks for any info.

Workbench will highlight those files because Intellisense can’t see the internal nRF52 SDK include files. But it still should compile. Are you able to cloud or local compile?

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Local compiling did not work, I hadn’t thought about cloud compiling, but … it does. And now, local compiling also works. No idea what to make of this, but thanks for your quick response.

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