Dht22 , a better sensor for outside humidity

Hi , is there a better sensor for measuring humidity and temperature outside ?
I’m having problems with the dht22 going to 99.9% humidity and staying there.
The yesterday when I put the sensor out of the way but just thought it may have just got wet , last night I put it in a box with small holes in the back and put the sensor in the sensor in the centre of the box, still the same thing 3.00 in the morning 99.9%.
So my sensor is back on the heater to get it working again, which at least gets it working again so I’m glad about that.

@peter_a, I believe the SHT1x are better but more expensive sensors. The HTU21D is also a good sensor. You will find both the SHT15 and the HTU21D at Adafruit:

@#$@& $42.99 thats not a cheap device.

@peter_a, like I said! However, the HTU21D is $15 and a great alternative to the SHT1x.