DHT11 Demo Error Message

I am new to coding and to particle. Trying to setup humidity sensor with the E-Series and ran into code error problem.
Any help with resolving this error?

@iquita2005, which DHT library are you using?

Variable names are case sensitive. currentMillis vs currentMIllis

Also, I would suggest giving Workbench a try since it is a much better environment than the Web IDE.


@nrobinson2000, your eyes are better than mine!


I am using “Grove_Temperature_And_Humidity_Sensor”

Hi @iquita2005 -

I have successfully used this library in WebIDE.

Grove Temperature and Humidity Sensor -1.0.1.zip

Also, I believe @nrobinson2000 is correct. This is one of your problems at least :slight_smile: Can you post your code maybe?

Regards, Friedl.

I think part of our problem is that our device is not currently connected to the cloud. I learned yesterday that it was flagged for delinquent payment. We took care of the payment and the flagged was removed. We have performed several troubleshoot on it, yet, it won’t still connect to the cloud.

HI @iquita2005 -

The non-payment should not cause your device not to compile as per your initial post. Am I missing something here, or are there two issues. Code not compiling and device not connecting to the cloud?

Regards. Friedl.

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I don’t know if the two are related. However, since I discovered the connectivity issue, I have been focusing on getting the issue resolved and haven’t gone back to compiling the code. I will give it a try again later today.

Hi @iquita2005

hmmm… I highly doubt the two are related. Even though you will encounter an error when trying to FLASH the code to a non-connected device, it will most certainly not produce that particular compile error. Code compiles (or not) regardless of devices being connected to the cloud.

If you cannot manage, I would consider local reinstalling the device software and reclaim the device. Particle support should assist prompt if you submitted a ticket, they are quire on point :slight_smile:

PS: What is the color of the onboard LED when powered up?


Agreed, the two may not be related. I will give it a try again later.

The onboard color is currently solid magenta.

Hi @iquita2005 -

Ok, so we have some probable cause here at least :slight_smile:

Solid colours are not standard, which means something probably went wrong while exciting code. As per the docs, the solid color it is stuck on, in your case magenta, might refer to it’s last know ‘good status’;

We can there for assume the device was either;

  • In safe mode (unlikely as Safe Mode should not cause a crash)

  • Firmware update. This would be my guess and that the update was interrupted for some reason.

If it was my device, I would proceed with manually uploading device files or first maybe flashing the Tinker software again via CLI and while device is in DFU mode. This should restore the device to its factory settings. Alternatively maybe try to manually update the firmware via CLI by putting the device inn DFU mode (Flashing Yellow LED). Any of these are done locally (via USB). Maybe try this order;

  1. $ particle update

  2. $ particle flash --usb tinker

  3. Uploading all firmware and software .bin files…

Hope this helps!

Awesome! I will give this a try. Will keep you posted.


If you were using Workbench I would recommend using Flash application and DeviceOS (local) since it does nearly the same thing as what @friedl_1977 suggested.


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Hi @nrobinson2000 -

Thank you for the tip. I am busy getting to know my way around Workbench as in my humble opinion, it is most certainly the way to go forward. Just started with WebIDE as it was quicker to learn for complete new user :slight_smile:

ps: Does it do a complete reinstall off all firmware and software files (including bootloader)? (too many do’s and does’s in a single sentence, hope I got it right :exploding_head: :rofl: )

Regards and Thanks!

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Yes. It will flash the deviceOS firmware and application firmware. In some cases cloud connection may be required for the bootloader installation to complete.

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