DHT11 code problem in particle photon

I tried 3 different sensor DHT11 but output is not changed. How can fix it ?

How is your DHT11 connected? A photo may be helpful.

Do you have a 3-pin or 4-pin sensor?

Is it a bare sensor (just the plastic case with leads), or one built on a tiny circuit board?

If a bare sensor, did you add the pull-up resistor? What value and how is it connected?


I tried my dht11 sensor on Ardunio IDE on 5V, it worked. But i cant read on in my particle web ide. I have 3 pin sensor. Maybe is it not working on 3.3V? :thinking:

DHT11 does work with 3.3V too.

How can fix my problem :thinking:

@developerios, you can start by answering @rickkas7’s questions above!

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Sorry, but i didnt understand . I just use particle photon microprocessors ,jumpers and breadbord. By the way i have 3 pin sensor.

@developerios, you missed these:\


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