DFU-UTIL for Photon

Sorry, no idea - I suspect that eclipse is quite capable of rewriting your $PATH.

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I think you need to launch eclipse from terminal as admin maybe -

open -a "/Applications/xxxxxxx.app"

Thanks everyone for all the help so far. I have the build in eclipse working. Now I need to flash to the photon. After a do a build from the main directory what will the name of the output binary be? The binary I would flash to the module? Even better where would it output to? ideas?

Please have a look here: https://github.com/spark/firmware/blob/latest/docs/build.md :smile:

Thanks @kennethlimcp

I am able to build and flash the firmware from Eclipse now. Ill try to put together a tutorial on this today.

Thanks everyone

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I want to say thank you to @kennethlimcp @AndyW @mdma and @jakeypoo your assistance on this matter is greatly appreciated. As promised here is a link to the guide I put together for setting up Eclipse on Mac for compiling and flashing firmware to the photon:


Please feel free to ask questions on it or point out any typos/incorrect information.

Thanks again everyone.

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It would be great if you can post the information under… firmware or tutorial so more people have access to it :wink:

Hi @kennethlimcp

Will do. I was thinking that, just never got around to it.