Device Setup New User

I’m making an app that utilizes individual user accounts. However I want to utilize my own sign in screen, and not the one in the particle device setup utility. Unfortunately for new users to my app, they would have to view the particle specific sign in before they access a new user registration. This could come across as confusing and redundant. Is there any way to initialize the device setup utility and skip straight to new user registration? In addition I would need to stop the utility after the new user is setup, and before device setup begins. I don’t believe this is currently possible, but I’m writing here to check. Thanks

This is possible. You’ll need to use two-legged shadow authentication.

In two-legged shadow authentication, you manage all of the user accounts on your server, you authenticate using your own method. It’s typically username and password, but it could be anything.

When the mobile setup SDK is configured in two-legged shadow authentication mode, the Particle login screen is not displayed. Instead, you communicate an access token from your server to the mobile app using some sort of out-of-band technique which grants access to that user account from the device setup SDK without using a username and password.

Another advantage of two-legged shadow customers is that you can avoid sharing any personally identifiable information with Particle. You can keep the association on your server and only communicate opaque identifiers to identify users.