Developing a WebApp

Hi! I'm hoping to develop a simple webapp to control a DMX controller I built using an Argon. I'm having trouble finding tutorials for what I'm trying to accomplish and was hoping someone might be able to steer me in the right direction.

The closest thing I could find to what I'm hoping to make is this post by Brandon Satrom: Using NativeScript to Build Particle-Powered Mobile Apps -

The primary difference being I'd like it to be accessible without having to download an app. The lights I'm using will be setup in sort of "DIY venue" so I'm hoping I can slap a URL on the lights and whoever wants to use them can just go to a website and have basic control over them. The sketch I'm using now works great with the particle workbench/mobile app, but something where people don't need login details and an app to download. Any tips on where to start would be appreciated.


Are you trying to control the lights from the Argon, or bypass it and control the lights directly because they are "smart"?
If you go through the Argon, then you can use HTML code to generate a POST request.
IOW, you still need to give someone either a file or an app to make HTTP transactions.
This documentation should help: Cloud API reference | Reference Documentation | Particle

If you decide to go with an app, the simplest one I can think of is this: Simple App to call a particle function - #10 by Pescatore
Or search upward in that thread.

More details would help with suggesting solutions.

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