Detaching a servo detaches unwanted servo and ISRs behave erratic

I am working on a product that uses 3 servos. I am attaching each servo individually by instantiating a new Servo class per servo and attaching to 3 pins of the photon.

Everything works correctly, except that if I detach a servo, in reality it detaches other servos along the one detached, and the ISRs pin stop responding. Or respond erratically.

I am working on the code to prove it, but would like to know if there’s a way to at least bring the ISR back? If someone is having similar issues. I saw an issue on GITHUB about this but there’s no response from the team.

I don’t mind the servos since I can attach them again all together.

There actually is a response (to investigate) of the team and it is milestoned for 0.4.9