Deleting my post to community - SOLVED via edit post

Is there a way to delete a topic i just created. Made some real boo boos!

when in the topic, click on the wrench/spanner icon, and select “delete topic”

I’ve got a funny feeling that’s an admin-only feature :o(?)

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I was able to edit my original topic. I’m just not sure if that really changed what was already out there.

Are you happy with what’s published now ? If not PM @Moors7 or myself and I’m sure we can help.

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I think finding the edit post did what I needed.

I had posted a topic called “Trying to use PHP cURL to call Published functions”. I accidentally posted my actual device id and access token as part of the html code when showing my code. I edited the post and took them out. I just hope it really took them out of what everyone sees.

Is there a way I need to close a topic, like this one, when I’m happy with the answers I received?

To “close” your own topuc, just edit the topic title and add “[SOLVED]” to it - you might have seen other topic titles like this already.
Actually closing a thread to prevent further replies to it is done by mods for other reasons.

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