Deep Sleep Mode, are external webhook, events or function calls queued?

Hello All,

Just wondering if the Particle Cloud Intergration calls will be queued while the Electron is in deep sleep mode? Or does the Electron need to initiate the intergration when the device wakes?

I need to send 800 bytes once a week at the push of a button so it needs to be quick. I understand there is a transfer limit of 4 webhooks per second. Does the same apply to API function calls. I’m trying to work out the best way to pass that along to specific devices.

On the various integrations, as I understand it, the function is a device specific call, where as the event can be broadcast to many devices. The function argument length is 63 chars while the event data is 255 bytes. The webhook publishes events so will be limited to 255 bytes per triggered hook. Then there’s TCP Client, what are the limits here? I know a normal packet size is huge and MTU is around 1400 bytes but are there any system limitations I’ll run into?

Option 1. If function calls are queued in the Cloud, I’ll trigger a function call to tell the device to connect to a TCP Server and retrieve the data then shut the server down.

Option 2. If devices function calls aren’t queued, when the device wakes up it will connected directly to the remote TCP server and check if any data is available for it.

The second option completely removes the particle cloud server so I’m wondering if the cloud is intended to be used for this particlular problem; 800 bytes, once a week, instantly.



@hdekker, nothing is queued in the cloud at this time so option 2 is the way to go.


Are there any plans to set up queues in the cloud? This would be a useful feature especially for devices that sleep a lot.