Debug Help: POST URL

I don’t seem to know what I’m doing:

I’m sending this via android’s Volley library using a POST request, and the set_desired function gets called with a null parameter (checked via a publish response)

I can also called the function fine (with a proper parameter) using:

So I assume I just haven’t formatted the URL properly

Are you simply doing a POST to that URL exactly as stated? (Apart from the anonymised bits, of course).

I’ve not used Volley, but for an HTTP POST, the parameters are sent in the headers and not as part of the URL, so I suspect what you should be doing is a POST to, with your arguments (‘access_token=…’ and ‘args=…’) explicitly provided via Volley’s API (eg

I did figure that out eventually. But it wasn’t the full answer. Turns out it does have to do with Volley:

Thank you!