DDoS issue impacting Particle web services

Hi everyone – there appears to be a pretty broad DDoS attack affecting many services across the Internet right now. From a Particle standpoint, this is impacting access to Particle Build and the Particle Store.

We are doing everything we can to research the situation and mitigate the impact. In the meantime, you’ll see intermittent access issues for our cloud hosted tools. Thanks everyone for your patience!

You can read more about it here:


This is a strong call for an truly offline IDE. Sure, there is ParticleDev, but its default configuration still relies on the cloud. A fully local build requires the installation of a container and does not provide the required reliability.

RedBear provides an Arduino plug-in for the Particle-enabled Duo board, so why Particle can’t do it too?

There is a fully local build option using the gcc-arm compiler toolchain running natively on Windows, Mac or Linux. I use it as my primary development environment with Eclipse as my IDE. Now, could it be a lot easier to install? Absolutely. I’d provide a link to the instructions, except they’re on Github, which is also down, unfortunately.

Also, Particle Dev (Atom IDE) and the Particle CLI compilers are still operational at the moment.


Hi @rei_vilo

This just does not ring true for me at least. I can use the gcc-based toolchain offline on a variety of computers (Macs and various Linux flavors) but I guess you mean that building open software on a PC is hard. Finding a linux environment for your PC that you like would be my first step since once you have that, it is dead easy.


@rei_vilo good suggestion. This is something we might consider building; it would require some effort to design and build. One practical consideration around this is that we release new firmware versions constantly, and keeping the offline compiler up to date could be a challenge. This is just one of potentially several factors for us to consider in building this as a feature.

On a higher level – there’s a tradeoff between the many things we are building and maintaining vs. the number of hours in a day for each of us. We would love to build all the things, but we are a constrained team! Thanks for your understanding as we continue to implement and support lots of stuff.

In the meantime, have you tried a DNS workaround to see if you can get past this issue? Its worked for several of us. You could use this as a starting point for DNS alternatives: https://www.opennicproject.org/nearest-servers/


Thank you all for your answers.

Any pointer so I could try local building against the Photon? Maybe the 3rd time would be the lucky one! I have no problem against the Core.

And po-util would be the easiest way to develop locally.

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