Data transmission rate of particle photon!

Hi, i am planning of using particle photon on my project. The idea is to send data of mpu 6050 (gyro + accelerometer) connected to photon via SPI and store/receive it in the cloud. I need 1800 samples per second and each sample is of 2 bytes. Can particle photon transmit data at this speed?

Yes, you should be able to transmit data up to ~1Mbit/second. Check out this post.


To be clear - the Photon can transmit at well over that speed, however not to the Particle cloud. The publish rate limit is approximately 255 characters of data every second. However, since the Particle cloud also does not currently have a data storage option, you’d probably want to explore other options, anyway.

Here’s another example that sends live accelerometer data to a node.js server. It’s only set to 50 samples per second, but it could easily go far faster than that.