Customer questions: what if Wi-Fi goes down

I keep running into this question with potential customers. Almost everyone has the same setup with their companies: computers, mobile devices, even land lines run on the internet now. Does anyone have a good answer for this question other than telling them “If your internet is down, this product should be the least of your worries”?

If your application is written well to deal with this gracefully, you should not cause any head-scratching for your customer.

Depending on the use-case you may have to monitor connection, reconnect, buffer data, roll back, roll forward, sound alarms, …


I already have it set up to automatically reconnect, they don’t want or need an alarm for it (it’s activating a relay) but I am working on the code to either make it fail safe (relay closes on Wi-Fi loss) or fail secure (relay stays open on Wi-Fi loss). Just trying to figure out how to get around this perceived issue.