Customer Creation Issue


I have created a Oauth ID and secret for my product and now am attempting to perform a customer creation.

I am using NodeJS to build a web app and a snippet of my HTTPS POST looks as follows:'',
      { user: 'productIDHere:IDSecretHere', no_password: true, email: ''
            res.on('data', function(chunk) {

When I attempt execute the code, an error is returned as: {error":“invalid_request”,“error_description”:“The access token was not found”}.

I suspect I am passing the ID and Secret wrong in the POST function but can’t quite figure it out.

Update: I was not using the correct names for the arguments. The correct arguments are found at

Note that [ 3. Create a Customer ] found here is misleading/lacking information.


Hi @klang - I’ve noticed the same thing w/r/t args and I think we’re doing some concurrent work on precisely this endpoint right now. Can I confirm that you are no longer blocked in this issue?


Hi @marekparticle - I am no longer blocked by this issue. Thanks.

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