Create webhook with custom header through API

I’m trying to create a webhook integration with a custom header of “Content-Type”:“text/csv”. I’m making a post but I can’t seem to get the field right. For example, what should follow the -d headers= to create the header that I want? I’ve tried a variety of things but none have worked.

Such as?

Sorry, meant to add some then forgot to come back. I’m actually posting from inside a java app so I’m not using -d with curl. I’m forming my post payload with form encoded parameters. I’ve tried

  • &headers="Content-Type":"text/csv"
  • &headers=Content-Type:text/csv
  • &headers={"Content-Type":"text/csv"}
  • &headers='Content-Type':'text/csv'
  • &headers={Content-Type:text/csv}

If I had what the curl command would look like, I can probably make it work in my code. There’s just no documentation on how to pass an object type into the api.

Does this ampersand in &headers= suggest you are trying to add this urlencoded?
Can you post the actual code where you build the request?