Crackly behaviour from mp3 player connected to photon

I’ve had persistent trouble with a particular particle photon setup in my house. It’s one in my sitting room and the photon in question had a DF player mini attached and a relay which switches a doorbell.

Basically the DF player mini in this location doesn’t last long. At all. Before it starts making awful sounds. It’ll begin playing the mp3 requested but a second or so in it dissolves into noise. Have a look/listen:-

I’ve swapped cables, power supplies, photons, DF player mini chips, sd cards, added resistors, zeners….I occasionally think I’ve solved the problem only for the issue to reappear a day or so later.

I’m now wondering if it’s some kind of kickback from the doorbell transformer or even from the coil on the doorbell itself finding its way back to the photon or the DF player mini and corrupting either the sd card, the dfpm or the photon. I’m not really sure which component gets broken - I think the only thing I haven’t recently tried (when troubleshooting) is swapping out files on the sd card for new ones.

Basically - any ideas?!

Thank you!

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