Core Without Cloud

I like the cloud features of the core, but for me they are a perk if the cloud is available. I like being able to use the API when I can, but it’s not critical. My #1 priority is that my program loop run. If the cloud is unavailable, I am willing to try to connect to the cloud every so often but I don’t want the core to dedicate all of it’s resources to connecting to the cloud.

Is there an easy way to do what I need? Almost all of my applications (3 at the moment, more to come) will need to behave in this way.

Thanks for any help.


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Try a quick search of the forum as there have been many threads on this.

Dave O

Hi @shannon,

This is a high priority feature, and there have been a few threads on this topic so you’re definitely not alone:



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main.cpp was edited

I am too useless to be able to get the define to be global (please tell how) as going
"#undef ENABLE_CLOUD" in application.cpp doesn’t work.

On the other hand. WLAN connects and the code runs. For those who don’t want a cloud connection because of no internet, this will work fine.

If the gist is unclear (which it is) feel free to ask.