Controlling an ESC with spark core

Hey guys!

Quick question about using the spark core to control an ESC motor (for my traxxas rc car). I’m not too familiar with the timing mechanism needed to “arm” (?) the ESC for forwards/backwards motion.

Here is the exact ESC model:

Any/all advice would really be appreciated here as I’m sort of stuck on a promise I made to my younger brother for the holidays =P

Thanks so much in advance!

Also - sup @BDub :smile:

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This is currently what I’m doing to try controlling it; don’t laugh!

Servo servo;
int pos;
#define PIN D0
#define DELAY_MS 1500
#define SPEED_STEP 10
#define MAX_ANGLE 140
#define MIN_ANGLE 90

void setup() {

void loop() {
    // turn speed up
    for (pos = MIN_ANGLE; pos < MAX_ANGLE; pos += SPEED_STEP) {
    // turn speed down
    for (pos = MAX_ANGLE; pos >= MIN_ANGLE; pos -= SPEED_STEP) {

Step 1, as they say RTFM :slight_smile: I know it’s a pain, but sometimes these ESC’s have funny setup procedures that are NOT intuitive at all.

Transmitter Setup
Setup Programming
XL-5 Operation

If you have an actual RC Transmitter, I would get familiar with controlling the ESC with that first. If not, you need to first build a manually controllable RC Transmitter Simulator

This wireless one may be too slow if you don’t have an actual DIAL or slider to control it:

Here’s one you can control with a potentiometer hooked to A1, which I would recommend to start out with:

Hope this helps! Happy Holidays :santa:

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Hey, not sure how you find these manuals! :slight_smile: I have the car working in forward motion pretty well now (not entirely sure it’s correct but it works). I have it in sport mode and have been unable to get the car to reverse at all. Maybe I’m missing something from the manual? I don’t have an RC transmitter so no luck there :(.