Controlling a rotary actuator with 0-10v input

Hey Guys,

Long story short I’m new to electronics and I would like to find a way of controlling a 3-way rotary actuator for my Danfoss HRB3 valve.

I believe the actuator I require is a Danfoss AMB 162 (ID 082H0016) -

As I said I’m new to electronics but what I’ve read so far seems to indicate that I can use PWM to somehow control the output voltage the actuator requires, which is 0-10v I believe.

This was an interesting article, but I did struggle -

I would really appreciate it if anyone here could point me in the right direction, such as the tools I would require and how I might go about starting this project. I have a multimeter :smile:

I have the Spark shield shield so I can output 5v.

I would really appreciate anyones help as I would like to build this myself rather than paying someone to install some closed off system. I want to integrate this into my own home automation system and it would also help me control other 0-10v analogue devices.


0-10V is quite common for PLC’s etc.

PWM won’t work so you need to use a DAC to generate the analog output and then step this up to 10V with an amplifier. A single 2 channel op-amp can do this. The first stage applies the gain who’s output will be inverted and the second is a unity gain and inverts if back again.
A 33K resistor in series to the - input of the amp with a 100K feedback will give you 0 to -10 for 0-3.3V input. For the second stage use a 10K series and 10K feedback for a 1:1 output. You now have 0-10V on the output for 0-3.3V on the input.

This DAC board from Sparkfun should do the job for generating the 0-3.3V


Hey @v8dave

Thank you so much for replying and sorry for the delay in thanking you.

OK that is the first time I’ve heard of an op-amp :frowning: . I’ve just been googling a way and watching various youtube vids on how this works.

So if I get this right, you can actually increase voltage from say a 3.3v output via some form of feedback loop? wow, I never pictured that, I just assumed you had to hookup a 10v supply and some how control it’s output. Please correct me if I have got this all wrong.

Could you recommend an op-amp? I’ve seen a few on the Sparkfun site, but I just want to be sure I’m looking at the correct items. Plus I’ll prob be able to source one here locally.

Do you think this DAC would be ok? It’s from a European supplier, so it’s closer to me :slight_smile: -

I still need to get my head around the wiring of the op-amp, but I’m sure I’ll get there. Once I have all the components I’ll take various pictures for all to see. No doubt I’ll get it wrong :smile:

Have you got an Android phone?

If you do, grab a copy of ElectroDroid for it. Really handy and has all of the OP-AMP stuff I mentioned and will show you a drawing and calculate your values for the resistors in the feedback etc.

Unfortunately I don’t I’m afraid, I’m an IOS man.

I had a look at the ElectroDroid site and it looks pretty awesome. Shame it’s not on IOS. I’ll have a look around for something similar as that’s a great idea.

If anyone has any recommendations, please share :smile:

*Update - I’ve just purchased Circuit Playground for IOS by Adafruit, looks like it fits the bill.

*Update 2 - Finally I’ve found a guide on Op-amps that’s more on my level :slight_smile: The dizziness of looking at op-amp circuit diagrams is starting to fade :smile: -

I should add that to get your 10V out of the op-amp and without using what is called a rail-rail op-amp, you need to power it with at least 12V or more. 12V is a common voltage so not too difficult to come by and you can step this down to power the core at 5V.

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looks like i am late to the party,
but if someone is still looking for 0-10V DAC whihc works with particle photon/ arduino/rspberry pi
You can find it over here