Connecting my core to an external API

I am building a weather station. All the examples I find on line take data from the core, through sensors and do stuff with that data.

I would like to connect a RGB LED to the core, then hit an API, take the data from the API (ie sunny, rainy, etc) and then light up the LED accordingly.

I am using the weatherunderground api (
I have an API KEY, but i can’t figure out how to call the api from the core and then turn the LED to the correct color.

is this possible?

this is how i call the api to get a json formatted return:

any help would be appreciated.
i just don’t know where to start.

Hi @b3ko

Check out this project by @Coffee that uses open weather map. It fetches data with an API call and then parses the JSON to get the data on to a an LCD display.

I have done similar stuff with Yahoo weather and the US National Weather Service, only using an RSS feed.