Connect Wireless Temperature sensor with particle Photon through encryption mode

Hi can you please suggest any sample or blog tutorial which will help me to communicate wireless temperature sensor data with particle photon using encryption key?

Could you elaborate a bit on what exactly you want to achieve? It’s not clear to me what you mean by the encryption key for example.
What have you tried already and what it is you’re struggling with?

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Hi, for the security purpose I want to decrypt the keys and get the values of this sensor so that no one will able to extract the values in between.

Since the encryption is performed on the sensor, you’d better ask the vendor of that sensor about this.
They know how they encrypt and should be able to tell how to decrypt.


I concur with @ScruffR, asking the vendor would yield better answers. I suspect that you cannot use that sensor data directly from the Photon. From the product page:

A 900HP-S3B Modem or a gateway of some kind that support the 900HP-S3B communications module will also be required.

That statement leads me to believe that the data in transit between the sensor and the gateway is not accessible to you. You need to attach a gateway to the Photon in order to receive the data from the sensor.


The encryption is performed on the XBee Radio.
As @ninjatill pointed out, you will need another XBee Radio to receive the data, which will decrypt and provide the various readings (as 30 byte values) to the Photon over serial. The Photon then calculates the Temp, Humidity, and Battery Voltage.