Connect USB keyboard/keypad to Photon

Is it possible to connect USB keyboard (or numeric keypad) to a Photon? Can a “female usb to male ps/2” adapter/converter be used? Or is there a special usb module that I don’t know yet?

So Photon is waiting for the user to enter his phone number. USB numeric keypad is preferred because it is easier/cheaper to buy and should be more reliable for heavy/public usage and if broken, it should be easier to replace in future. 4x4 membrane keypad is not preferred as the plastic buttons will not hold for public abuse. A ps/2 numeric keypad is hard to find here.

Most forum’s threads are asking the Photon working as keyboard/joystick (or USB host?). Somebody else must have asked this common question before but I just can’t find it.

Thank you


The photon as a USB host route is difficult IMHO. I looked at that for a barcode scanner project and ended up buying an RS232 barcode scanner instead of the USB scanners I had at hand which was way easier.

Perhaps a metal keypad from a security system or payphone would work:

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Noted. I will try to find RS232 metal keypad from local supplier if possible. Thanks.