Connect to speech recognization API

Hi @krophi,

In case others are looking, there are libraries popping up all over for writing to the external flash, and SD cards!

and a bunch of others!


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If you want to store in the external flash, you can use my library, flashee. It features a circular buffer, so you can write to the buffer at one end, then read it out the other end send over the network.

Your sample routine should probably be interrupt driven so that it happens concurrently with your main loop. @peekay123 made a timer library could be used to set up a 20kHz interrupt. You will need to use two small memory buffers in RAM. The timer interrupt routine takes a sample from the ADC and appends it to the current buffer. When that buffer is full, you set a flag and switch to the other buffer. That flag is checked in the main loop() routine,and when set, the loop then flushes that buffer either over the network (If available) or to flash (if not.)

Although with this scheme I would be concerned over the latency of the main loop and whether it can keep flushing the sample buffer quickly enough to storage. If not, then flushing the sample buffer to flash should also be interrupt driven (from another timer), so that the main loop simply has to pull data out of the circular buffer and dump to the network.

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i m building a game that rely on a hardware do you think i can send voice command to for example and parse them in real time ?
upon this i wll decide if i choose particle for my project