Connect Boron to RPi via USB with RS232 or similar?

When I was in school I built a simple circuit with an Arduino to read pot voltages and sent the voltages to a RPi via USB using RS232. The RPi then read the values and performed a simple 2D asteroid vector/orbit simulation (the Arduino sent txt files to the RPi, I think).

I’m looking to do something similar in the real world now and I am wondering if there is an existing RS232 library (or similar) that allows me to do this? I am trying to measure total metals (among other things) in water for an environmental rocket launch project, and this involves an array of sensors on an I2C bus. I imagine I would program the RPi to poll the sensors, and then analyze the data to get an idea of the total metals, and then send the data to the Boron so it can send it elsewhere.

Is this doable with the Boron? I’m not seeing an RS232 library in the library search of the IDE.


There is no library as you do not need one. The RPi is a USB host, so you can plug the Boron in via a USB-A to USB Micro-B cable. Then the RPI sees it as a USB CDC serial port, and the Boron communicates via Serial, the USB serial emulator. It’s just a character stream between the two devices.

Nice, thanks for the info.

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