Compiling application 'Power'

I was trying to compile Electron Power application (locally) but getting following linker error, can someone help?

I am using the cmd line:


H:\projects\particle\firmware\firmware\user/applications/power/application.cpp:51: undefined reference to `MDMParser::powerOn(char const*)'
H:\projects\particle\firmware\firmware\user/applications/power/application.cpp:112: undefined reference to `electronMDM'

Can you try make all ... or make clean all ...?
And in what directory are you calling make?

@ScruffR, I am in the main folder. I tried clean all but not working. I tried online IDE also but same undefind reference error. :frowning:

Yup, seeing the same thing whatever I try (without actually messing with the code to make it work, as this shouldn’t be required)

That might be worth opening a GitHub issue.

Yes, I opened an issue (#929)

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I think the issue is assigned to @BDub by @mdma. Still I cannot compile it. Any update on this?

Hi @krvarma I just updated this issue and closed it:

The Power application is really just an old app that we used to test things with the PMIC and Fuel Gauge. It's in a bad state right now, and it will compile easily with a few items removed... but it's unclear what it should really be doing anymore. I.e., it's probably a bad idea to use it without a clear understanding of what everything is doing. If there is something specific you are trying to do with the PMIC and Fuel Gauge, please open a community thread about it. For now I'm going to remove the Power app to avoid future confusion.

Thanks @BDub , I was trying to compile with a firmware which declares extern MDMElectronSerial electronMDM;. Any application with this declaration causes this issue. Simply put this declaration and the linking fails with undefined reference. I just given and example to start with.

Is this is only for internal use or any application can use it?

Anything on this? about the use of MDMElectronSerial