Communicating with the via atmel chips atmega328p, attiny, etc

Can someone point me to the right things to read about communicating with the spark core from an Atmel chip? I’m a hardware engineer and getting into firmware …

Does anyone have example code and/or schematics they’ve used for connecting to a spark core from an atmel chip? (not arduino … no arduino bootloader).


@girnigoe, you could use a couple of easy methods:

  1. Serial (UART) between Spark’s Serial1 port (tx/rx pins) and an Atmel processor
  2. You could run the Atmel processor as an I2C slave with the Spark being the master
  3. You could use SPI with the Spark being the master and Atmel being slave

You will find most members will refer to Arduino stuff, not just Atmel processors. Here is a member who was setting up serial communications between an Uno and a Spark:


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Thank you!!

It’s not clear to me yet what arduino code I can use with the atmega328p or with the attiny processors, without using the arduino bootloader. Can I use most of it? Is there a rule of thumb? (I guess that the hardware, at least, would be the same regardless of the bootloader.)

@girnigoe, I don’t believe you need the bootloader if you program via an ISP adapter. However, there are some fuses to set to configure the atmega328p and I am not familiar with that part.