Coding problem: expected primary-expression before '.' token delay(1000);


I am fairly new in programming and having difficulties with my code.
I want to connect Android SMS to a blinking LED on my particle. I connected it through IFTTT, though my code does not verify due to this problem : expected primary-expression before ‘.’ token
delay(1000); I cannot find the solution on the internet and have been looking at it the whole day now…

My code is as following:

int ledpin = D7;

void light(const char *event,const char *data)

void setup()
particle.subscribe("text", light, MY_DEVICES);

void loop()

Particle.subscribe() needs a capital P

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Thanks so much!!

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As a hint: Look at the line number you get in the error message and look at this line first.
The code excerpt (in your case delay(1000) is oftem missleading).