Cloud Connection Status

Particle.connected() is returning true even if I am still negotiating wifi (and WiFi.ready() is false).

Is Particle.connected() a state variable set with Particle.connect()?

Particle.connected() should be false when not breathing cyan.

If WiFi.ready() is false Particle.connected() should always be false.

Hmm. I will double check my code, but looking at the code below, I never see the “no network” message, even though the first two loops of showing the time don’t have the network time correct. After I see the device connect and heartbeat cyan, the time is correct.

/Run the Cloud stuffs in a second thread to prevent blocking when connecting to the cloud
//Don't attempt to connect to the cloud until after blocking fucntions have been called.

void setup() {
  Particle.function("mem_lookup", read_mem);
  Particle.function("mem_write", write_mem_value);


  Particle.subscribe("hook-response/AQI", handleAqiHook, MY_DEVICES);
  Time.setFormat("%a %b %e, %I:%M %p");"timezone"));

void loop() {

  //if(WiFi.ready() && Particle.connected){
    scroll_message(Time.format(), 50, 1);
  } else {
    scroll_message("No Network", 50, 1);


You’re missing the function call, it should be if(Particle.connected())


  1. Thank you.

  2. Why did this compile?

Without the () it’s still valid C++ code, unfortunately. You’re checking to see if the method pointer is non-null, which it is, because the function exists. It’s a common and annoying C++ non-error.

Thank you!