Cloud API Not Working

Trying to work with the cloud API - but I’m obviously doing something wrong…

    user@host:~$ curl -d access_token=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 


  "ok": false,
  "errors": [
    "arg.deviceID is empty"

According to the documentation ( - “List devices the currently authenticated user has access to.”), I shouldn’t have to put a device ID in for the /v1/devices command - any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

And I can’t get /v1/access_tokens working either:

user@host:~$ curl -u

Just returns:


Any ideas? TIA.

Answer to the first one is that it needs to be:

curl -G ...

But still can’t get /v1/access_tokens working…

Yep, the -d option turns it into a POST request, but you need to make a GET request like this:


You’re doing it right, it just returns for me as well…

Here’s an example using HTTP Basic Auth

FYI: the email:password is the BASE64 UTF-8 encoded characters after "Basic "

cc: @zach @Dave

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It looks like old access tokens that were generated before this new feature aren’t showing up. If you first create a new access token by doing POST /oauth/token, it should show up by then doing GET /v1/access_tokens

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Hmm, this does seem confusing. I believe this endpoint will only return existing access_tokens to you, it won’t create new ones.


  • GET /v1/access_tokens will retrieve an array of any access tokens created since we deployed this route last week.
  • POST /oauth/token will create a new token. You can have as many as you want.

As a backward compatibility workaround during the transition, you can still use the access token shown in the web IDE even if you haven’t created a new one. After you create your first one, the results will no longer be out of sync.