Cloud api location query coordinate array

Where can I find documentation about the formatting of the coordinates (location.geometry.coordinates) returned by the location query?

I get 3 index arrays, that I assume map to [lat, long, elevation].

Is that correct?

Which location query?
On the device?
In the cloud?

On the Tracker device it can be found here

The format of the outgoing event to inform the cloud about the whereabouts of the device and how to substribe to it is documented here

Another interesting read may be the RFC 7946 GeoJSON definition (particuarly section 9)

Thank you

To clarify:

I’m asking about querying via the Cloud API.
Specifically, I’m calling the Location query via the getProductDeviceLocations() function of the JS SDK and I am getting responses in the following format:

geometry:{type: “LineString”, coordinates: Array(214)}


where each sub-array of coordinates is 3-element: [num1, num2, num3]

My question was how do num1, num2, num3 map to longitude, latitude, elevation?
Though I think I figured it out by inspecting my data–my conclusion is that it’s [long,lat,elev] format.
And thanks for pointing me to the GeoJSON doc which confirmed it.

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Yup, exactly that :+1:

While the RFC 7946 explicitly states that format as the officially approved version inspecting the two data samples given in the second link I posted do lead to the same conclusion as you arrived at