Changing speed, temp & altitude units

What is the best method of setting speed, temp & altitude to imperial units?



I guess that you can use the Macros
here is some example: tested on onlinegdb

UPDATE: cleaner version with demonstration how to use integer values and float


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#include <stdio.h>

#define FT_TO_M(x) (((float)(x)*(0.3048)))
#define M_TO_FT(x) (((float)(x)/(0.3048)))
#define KMH_TO_MPH(x) ((x)/( 1.609344))
#define DEGC_TO_DEGF(x) ((x)*(9.0/5.0)+32.0)

int speed_km  = 120;
int distance_f = 33;
float altitude_m = 1100.0;
float temp_c = 23.0;

int main()
    printf("speed[kmh] is: %d ",speed_km);
    printf("and speed[mph] is: %.2f \n",KMH_TO_MPH(speed_km));
    printf("distance[ft] is: %d ",distance_f);
    printf("and distance[m] is: %.2f \n",FT_TO_M(distance_f));
    printf("altitude[m] is: %.2f ",altitude_m);
    printf("and altitude[ft] is:  %.2f \n",M_TO_FT(altitude_m));
    printf("temp[c] is: %.2f ",temp_c);
    printf("and temp[f] is: %.2f \n",DEGC_TO_DEGF(temp_c));
    return 0;

and results:

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