CC3000's in the wild

This just popped up on my radar catching up on Ask an Engineer…


A little more searching and I dug up these:

Arduino Wifi Library

Not sure who is doing this one:

Not sure if you care to keep track of CC3000’s in the wild, if not just delete this post :wink: From what I can see though, the Spark Core is the bee’s knees in the CC3000 race.

We just caught wind of the Adafruit project a couple of days ago, and I was just introduced to Limor and Phil through one of our advisors, Bunnie Huang. Wish we had been in touch earlier, we could have shared notes on porting the CC3000 software to new microcontrollers and probably saved each other a few headaches :smiley: As Limor said, porting the libraries is “non-trivial”

Kinda wished they were a little more positive about it… It’s actually more OUT right now than their “wifi-duino”… but nothing suggests it will be “next year” and it’s certain arduino compatible… unless there is some minimum number of I/O that require that term to be met.