Carloop: connected car adapter

@jvanier great idea on utilizing the OpenXC project. I completely forgot about it.

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My idea in putting a double row of headers was to allow exactly this kind of expansion. Any additional peripheral can be connected to the appropriate pins on the Photon.

Do you have a suggestion for a more specific interface?

I too am very interested in this, I was planning on playing around with my OBD-II port. I got a bluetooth OBD-II adapter and was considering a Bluz, but this would be nice too!

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I like that this is different than a plain bluetooth OBD-II adapter so the applications can be different too.

As far as I can tell the Bluz doesn’t doesn’t have a CAN peripheral so some additional circuitry would be needed to make an OBD-II adapter with it.

Beautiful! Remember, your costs are lower at PCB houses and parts companies if you buy more units :grin:.
I’ve been stewing over buying a commercial $60 OBD-II unit…but something like this and some OBD-II documentation would be really good hands-on experience, and (end-user supplied Photon) cost a lot less.

Put me down on your list, too! Just don’t make me wait until Christmas for it…:wink:

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I’ll give an update on the hardware soon, I promise!

if you need a cheap PCB house, i got my business cards done (yes, they are PCBs) at
very cheap, very quick.


I’ve used them too. The PCBs came out quite nicely.

Just for curiosity, what’s the circuit on your business card?

It’s a photon carrier board!

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After getting some feedback, here are some updates:

  • the PCB revision 2 has optimized components
  • includes a connector for GPS
  • works with Electron too!

And here is a link in case you want put your order to be the first to get the CANdlesticks.


Hi, a colleague of mine bought one on celery. What’s the eta of manufacturing of those loverly sticks? :smile:

I assembled the first batch of prototypes and I’m testing them to make sure they work. I expect to ship to the first dozen backers in a week. I’m also working on the software library to expose the CAN, GPS and OBD signals (first version is on GitHub


Great! Thanks for the feedback!

Quick update: we’ve finally shipped all pre-ordered Carloops 2 weeks ago! We’re excited to see how many people supported this effort. Let us know what you’ve built. Someone in the Carloop forum ran into an issue with power supply heat. Luckily @jvanier rigged up a nice solution for anyone else having these issues.

Also, we will have a booth at the Maker Faire close to Particle. Come by to say hi and check out our freshly minted Carloops. We’ll have a cool Carloop demo to show you too!


Carloop rev2.3 is now shipping! If you’ve ordered one, it will soon be showing up at your doorstep (or mailbox).

@squeakywheel I looked on the carloop forum and I didn’t see where I could buy the new carloop.

@Greg123 here you go:

@squeakywheel What’s the difference between the new carloop and the original?

Rev 2.3 has a switching power supply as opposed to Rev 2.2 which has a linear voltage regulator. They both work fine, but Rev 2.3 runs cooler.

Carloop Update: the fun journey continues - Carloop kits now 25% off on Massdrop until Tuesday, April 25th!!

Connect your Photon or Electron to your car!