CAN bus / OBD-II translator

In a similar project to CarLoop, I put some hardware and software together to record my truck’s OBD-II. (Electron especially makes it so easy!) Anyway, all was successful except running small data translations from CAN to something human readable and python plottable for debugging and initial analysis… After a whole lot of digging I finally ended up with something more or less complete, at least for my purposes, so I figured I’d try to help others out:

Just paste in raw CAN data and click translate to get a CSV out.

Please let me know if this is useful – maybe I’ll put the whole project out there someday.




That is a cool utility. I would like to see the whole project … eventually I would like to process race car data, which would use up too much of your website bandwidth.

We would love to see the project over at also!


Thanks. Have you read this Mapr article?:

Good stuff on using it. I originally ran the code on the web site on a beagle bone, it kept up while only using about 4% of the processor. Then filtered down to just the PGNs I was interested in to run on the electron. The web form is just for hobbyists though :slight_smile: