Can't roll back Device OS

Need to roll back OS from 2.0.1 to 1.5.2 - firmware flashes in the web IDE with no problem, but the OS doesn’t change, stays at 2.0.1

Need to do this OTA - as don’t currently have access to the device to do this via USB.

You need to download the device OS binaries from the GitHub repo and then flash via CLI.


Just found this, might be useful for those who didn't know:

OTA (over-the-air)
In general, flashing a version of your user firmware will automatically update the version of Device OS automatically over-the-air when necessary. Note this will only ever upgrade. If you have Device OS 2.0.0 on your device and flash user firmware targeting 1.5.2 Device OS will not be downgraded! However, your firmware should still run because the target version is the minimum compatible version.

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