Can't get Adafruit HX8357D screen to work

Thanks for your help.I think I failed because of some problem with the Web IDE on my machine (see below). It is not using the particle CLI version that I have, I can’t figure out why or how it is pointing elsewhere.
I think this needs a different thread now since my screen works and now the issue is something different

That isn’t really your issue but a problem in the Particle build farm. They haven’t updated their own infrastructure, but that’s also not causing your build issues :wink:

I have to ping Particle again about updating their own servers :wink:

I think I found (one of) the issue(s) with the SDFat library. The include should actually by #include "SdFat.h" - I don’t know when this changed tho’.

And you need to add this line too

SdFat SD;

I have just published v0.9.5 of the lib which doesn’t require you to change anything. The SpiTftBitmap sample does now build as is.

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Thanks. Glad to to know at least one of my troubles isn’t mine. I have a feeling that when i got things “right” then i was bitten by the problem with 0.6.1.
I felt like i couldn’t get anything right.
I can’t wait to try this out to see if i can make this all work as intended. I want to keep my stuff as standard as possible.