Cannot access particle variables all of a sudden

I have run 3 Photons for years and have written Python code to access data and all of a sudden all of them stopped working. The only change that I made is enable two factor authentication. Does that impact access to Spark variables?

Now all requests seem to time out. I disabled two factor and the errors continue. To simplify things, I went back to curl to see if it works, it does not. Here is an example of what I am inputting and the response. I verified the devid and access token. (AccessToken from and devID from

curl\temp \
     -d access_token=7:AToken:

The result is:

{"ok":false,"error":"Not Found"}

What am I doing wrong? I have a feeling that changing to two factor may have caused this.

Thank you!

Update: I really think that I have encountered a bug of some sort. I run this curl query on all Photons and in ever case under “Variable”, it shows “null”.

curl ""

However, if i go to, I see three variables defined for every Photon. Why am I seeing variables in the console and not in the API?

Thank you

Seems to be a thing. Been having issues all night…come check the forums and people are reporting issues.




1 Like was depreciated. Could that be part of the problem?

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That was it! I did not update all my python apps to the new url, and I was using curl to go to the old end end point. Thank you!