Can this LCD be wired to the Spark Core ? What Library?

Hi all,

I have a DV-16400 LCD 16x4, can this be wired to the saprk ? can is there a compatable library for it as well ?

Thanks, Bobby

@spydrop, the display uses 8 data lines and 3 control lines for a total of 11 lines. As such, I would not recommend this display for the Spark. You might want to consider a “smart” Digole display like this one since it can interface via SPI, UART or I2C. Or you could go with a “dumb” display with an interface board like this one on eBay. Digole also makes “smart” graphical displays which might interest you. :smile:



Thanks for comments and I put ths 16x4 in the round basket I call a trash can and thanks for the links to better solutions.


You could use it–see this thread:

But as @peekay123 says, you might be happier with a more modern display.

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Thanks for the info. (now searching round file for 16x4 LCD… yes. there it is :slight_smile: )

I only want to make this work as I have access to hundreds of these at $4 each and do not need a fancy one. I have been told that 1,000s of these sit in a warehouse on the east coast of USA. At least worth seeing if and how if functions.

Will check the provided post link and post back here what I decide to do.

@bko, as usual, I bow to your superior memory of past posts. DOH!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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These are really nice displays to use and only need 2 pins.
OLED I2C .96"

and if you have pins to spare:

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