Can the Photon communicate, SPI, with a Device with 24-bit serial input control?

Looking at a device which takes a 24-bit serial input control. Looking at the firmware related to SPI, we can set up a Tx_buffer to accomplish that. Just want to make sure before investing the time getting and working with this Output Switch Device…

@hwbrill, the Particle devices, like Arduino, use 8-bit (byte) transfers. So for 24bits, you would do three transfers in a row. If you want to transfer a larger number of 24bit values, you could fill a buffer and use SPI DMA to transfer the buffer. This all assumes that your device is actually SPI-based.

Thank you for the prompt reply @peekay123

NXP MC33996 provides flexible control of 16 low-side driver
outputs. The device allows PWM and ON /OFF control
through the use of several 24 bit input command words.

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It is an SPI chip so you will be fine.

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