Can buttons and LEDs on Spark Core be aligned?

You should have done buttons in straight row with a LED. Why?

See here:

I have debug holes for reaching reset and mode buttons not in one line now :smiley:
You need to redo all batch of Sparks :smiley:


Genius… I’m obviously going to suggest putting you’re own LEDs in the case… obviously a stupid idea but thought I’d mention it.

Would be easier to add a new Mode and Reset button than the RGB led:

But I would suggest fixing this issue with a simple light pipe that jogs the LED over to be inline with the buttons.

Or just desolder them and add your own!

Yep ya just have to think a little harder on how to accomplish your goal. A light pipe would work just fine.

Just get a piece of acrylic and cut it to size. Tape off the sides if you do not want the light showing up anywhere other than your main LED hole.

@ryotsuke - good feedback, although my personal solution for this issue would be to make the button and LED functions available on the exposed pins so that you can replicate them in your own hardware. The reset pin is already available but the others are not. I’ll add this to the backlog.

Also, changing the title to one that’s not going to make people freak out :slight_smile:

On the backlog:

That was actually a joke :smiley: I understand mode & reset can be reprogrammed to different pins (there was a topic here)
No need in actually putting on the backlog. There are other ways of designing external interface nicely


Yes, I was just joking ) This is not a real problem/issue.