Can anyone supply CooCox CoIDE project file for Spark Core?

I’m trying to build the firmware using CooCox CoIDE. I’m making progress however I’m having trouble with include paths.

Has anyone successfully built using this IDE? If so, is there some way I could get a copy of the project files? (I don’t see how to post files through the community forum)

Gotta love open source! All the files are available by clicking on the “open source” button at the top of every forum page :smile:

You will need all 3 repo’s - core-firmware, core-common-lib and core-communication

There is a how to video for using netbeans to compile locally and flash using USB, there is loads of really good info in there and im sure it will help you heaps

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See nit there is anything here that helps:

Thanks Hootie81. Yes, source is is easy enough to get. What I don’t see is how one is supposed to provide say a zip file for others to use without going through the repository. IMHO things are getting less useable the more advanced the web gets. But that’s a different subject and just my opinion.

I appreciate the Netbeans tip. Do you happen to know how hard it is to connect to the ST-Link using Netbeans? I prefer JTAG because it frees up both serial ports for other things.

Github has zip links available too:


Yes, I’ve already checked this out. Like the idea of multitasking. But it looked like the fellow didn’t make any provision for OTA flash.

Hey Dave,
I wasn’t talking about zips for source, but thanks for the links anyway.

I was just thinking that it would be nice to be able to quickly append a zip file to a forum post without having to go through the whole repository process.

Also, I must be doing something wrong in replying to these posts. I click on the REPLY button directly beneath someones post but my response gets put at the bottom of the page instead of below the particular post. Am I doing something wrong? Or is the forum SW slightly broken?

Hi @faraday,

No you’re not doing anything wrong, you’re replying to a particular post, and that user gets notified, but it still reads as a flat discussion thread. You should also be able to upload files with your posts :slight_smile:

You can find out more about the software behind the forum here:


The “Getting Started” document does tell you how to setup CoIDE. You don’t have to use sparkRT. Basically, create a new project for the STM32F103CB chip, create groups and subgroups that match the Spark firmware structure, and then add the files from your Spark download to each group/subgroup so you have the same file organization in your CoIDE workspace. Or if you don’t want to follow that organization, create your own, as long as you add all the files. If they have a symbolic link (add files) in the workspace, COIDE will find and use them.

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I don’t use jtag or stlink I just plug in the USB and push the button in net beans (using dfu-util) no extra bits needed if the core is more than arms reach I fire up the cli and do it OTA there is still 2 serial available with the USB connected

Failing all that, right click on the project in CoIDE project explorer, select configuration from the menu and go to the Compile tab. You can add include paths there. I assume that works; I’ve never tried it, because the other method I suggested works for me. Likewise, you can add library paths under the link tab.