Bulk Update to Thingspeak from Electron

I have an application that updates a Thingspeak channel but I want to connect to the network less often, saving data between fewer connections. I see the TS has bulk update functionality, it looks tricky.
Has anyone done this on the Electron?



Wow, second item in the search window looks promising - why not check it out ? This answer hints at how it could be approached…

Has anyone implemented bulk update to ThingSpeak on the Electron? I would be interested in hearing of your experience.

Thank you


Rich, I looked a while back, but determined it was more beneficial ( in cellular data) to keep the connection alive and decided to send data to ThingSpeak at least every 20 minutes instead of batch/bulk uploads.

It makes the Coding easier too.

Thank you for that input, very helpful. Yes, that is the conclusion I am coming to as well. The connection time in poor signal quality areas can be excessively long when not in network standby mode. I don’t think any advantage is worth the added complexity. I wish the network standby time was longer than ~20 minutes but my guess is that that is set by the cell network.