"Built on Thread" usage


If you purchased any Particle Mesh Hardware please “like” only one of the following 3 posts labeled: Vote A: Vote B: Vote C:

Background: I teach robotics using the Particle Photon and would like to teach OpenThread concepts with multiple working node mesh networks, so when Particle announced their Mesh Networks around Feb 13th, 2018. I was ecstatic and purchased a class set of 31 devices. However, the Mesh devices do not connect to an OpenThread Border Router, making them difficult to use for teaching OpenThread.

I have been politely hounding Particle for a few months to fulfil their OpenThread Certification requirement to allow OpenThread devices to connect to each other. Particle has been politely ignoring me.

I just found out (not yet confirmed by Particle) that Particle has chosen to not be OpenThread Certified. As that is quite shocking and frustrating, and destroys my argument, please like only one of the following votes.

Vote A: Before you purchased your Particle Mesh devices you saw the OpenThread Branding on a Particle Web Page and sensibly assumed the Particle Mesh Devices were OpenThread Certified.


Vote B: You bought the 3rd Generation Particle hardware without noticing the OpenThread Branding or concepts so it could not influence your purchase.


Vote C: You saw the interesting wording under the OpenThread Branding “Built on Thread” and deduced that the Particle Devices were not OpenThread Certified and still purchased your Particle Mesh Hardware.

I guess to be fair there should be other votes such as: I abstain, I work for Particle, I love Particle so much that whatever they do is fine by me or, Jeremy, why are you being such a pain.

Hey there Jeremy – to clear this up:

As of April 4, Particle is not yet OpenThread certified, though we are in the process of doing so in collaboration and partnership with the Thread Group.

Why? Particle is the first “integrated product” built with Thread. We have been working with the Thread group over the last several months to nail down exactly what Thread certification would look like for our product (given that Thread is a young consortium and as such routinely needs to create new precedent), and how that certification would be conveyed to other products built on top of Particle mass production SoMs.

This is evidenced by the new member tier that they established with Particle as a prototype, available for reading here:


That being said, this thread is clearly a continuation of your campaign for broader support of third party OpenThread hardware.

Your creation of multiple threads to address a single topic, as well as the overall accusatory and unfriendly nature of your approach is in violation of our community guidelines. As such this thread will be closed.