Building from Linux in Netbeans. Problem dfu-util permission

I have followed the youtube tutorial video to compile code in Netbeans for Windows and I have adapted to Netbeans en Linux (Ubuntu 14.04).
The only problem I have is that, from console, I can’t run dfu-util command without sudo that is the reason why I think I can’t make the call from Netbeans.
Is there any way of calling dfu-util without sudo?

Thanks in advace.

I don’t have an Ubuntu desktop install anywhere to verify, but I think if you add your user to the “tty” group, it may fix the permission issue. The terminal command to do that would be: usermod -a -G tty your_username.

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Thank you for the response but It didn’t work.
To have access to the tty I have to add the user to the

dialout group

but, in these case, whe you set the Spark Core to dfu mode the tty device doesn’t appears so it should be another way.