Browser OAuth flow?

I see the url endpoints for generating new access tokens but it involves submitting the username and password.

Will there be the UI flow that allows applications to authenticate with oauth without ever touching user’s credentials?

All that’s missing is the url to send the browser too. Looks like the rest is there to get an access token after the callback returns the bearer token.

Hi @kareem613,

We’re certainly not done expanding our OAuth support, but I think you’re right in that this is a limitation of the access token / client keys system at the moment. At the moment any ‘client id / client secret’ combination works, and I think we’re waiting on having a nice interface for managing oauth apps and ids. I do think remote oauth login is on the roadmap, but it might be a little while before it’s ready.


I realize this topic is old, but it seems to be the only one that discusses such things. If i’m correctly understanding it, there
ll eventually be a way to get a new token using generated credentials, right? That is, in the future, I won’t have to build my integrated apps to take a username and password?