Broken embedded images in older forum posts


Would be great to get the embedded images showing again. The error says the security certificate expired. The images eventually show when you open them in their own tab and accept the risk of viewing https content that is using an invalid certificate.


Pinging @jgoggins here so he gets an email about this :slight_smile:

As a workaround, if you modify the URL to change the to it works, even with older posts (like the beehive one you posted).
Beehive Monitor (UDP, Sleep, Thermistor, WiFi antenna, ADC speed, RAM)

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Thanks for the heads-up @szac — I’m on this. We bought the certificate, but finding all the places where it might need to be installed was tricky. I’ll get it installed for the community today if possible.

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I’ve deployed the certificate. It’s still making its way to all the AWS CloudFront edges, but it now works for me.

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