Break Point Debugger and Programmer For Electron

Dear All,
Is there any debugger hardware can be used to do break point debugging and programming firmware binary into electron devices? If yes, I would appreciate link to buy it.

In this link, particle provides the solution

However it only works for gen3. Anyway how to find out whether my electron device is gen3?

The Photon Programmer Shield can also be used with the Electron

The Electron is Gen2

  • Gen1 was the discontinued Spark Core
  • Gen2: Photon, P1, P0, Electron, E-Series
  • Gen3: Argon, Boron, B-SoM-Series and the discontinued Xenon
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Thank you @ScruffR, so to confirm, this can be used both for break point debugger and flashing binary tool right? Any adaptor needed since it was originaly meant for Photon?

The Photon and Electron share the same STM32F2 controler and they are also pin compatible on all shared pins.
So no, you don’t need an adaptor and yes, you can use OpenOCD’s breakpoints and also flash via SWD.

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However it only works for gen3

The Particle Debugger also works for gen2 hardware you just need to wire things manually - see here: