Boron UART not working

I’ve been using a MAX3232 with an Electron successfully for communicating with equipment over rs-232. When I swap out the Electron with a Boron (using the correct pins since the Boron pinout is quite different), it doesn’t work. Other than setting Serial1(baud config), is there anything else you have to do to use the rx tx pins on the Boron? Do you have to use set pinmode? I can’t find anything in the docs other than setting Serial1.

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Nope, nothing else required.
I’m running a Serial1 logs successfully on a Boron.

The simplest way to test TX/RX communication is to bridge the two pins and see whether you can receive the data your device is sending out.
In a second step you could use another microcontroller and have them talk to eachother or with a RS232-TTL-USB converter try to talk to the device with your computer.


One other caveat is that the Boron is 3.3V only device so you should make sure your MAX3232 is using a 3.3V supply to avoid damaging the Boron.


Yeah I chose the capacitors needed by the max3232 for 3.3V operation.