[Boron] Trying to reset module after not getting signal

For any reason, sometimes when I power on the Boron it get stuck on blinking green, sometimes blinking white, in some cases when it gets to blink white, I get a yellow blinking answer (which I think is not in the documentation by the way).

Anyway, if I reset the module (pressing the button) it connects inmediately after ±40 seconds. On the contrary, if I dont reset, it gets failing to connect forever. So I would like to make an algorithm such as when its been 70 seconds after startup with no connection it has to reset itself.

My question is, is it possible to do this? I was reading the documentations and It seems that I need the semiautomatic mode. But it seems that I cant do anything when it is trying to connect to the cloud, because the code gets paralyzed. I tried to do a routine on startup function but all I got was a brick module unable to connect to the network.

Many thanks

Also, I’m trying to use the semiautomatic Mode and all I get is a breathing white module (what does this mean?)

This is the code (Trying to different methods to call the function Particle.connect):

void loop()

I think this is pretty basic, but I’m unable to use the semi automatic Mode…

That sounds like Cellular Off

You should show the complete code - including setup() and potential SYSTEM_MODE() and SYSTEM_THREAD() lines.

Normally Particle.connect() should implicitly power up the cell modem, but maybe there’s an oversight in the firmware. Try adding Cellular.on() in setup()